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About HELLA Mining


The HELLA Mining Centre of Excellence was created in Australia in 2002 to design, develop and manufacture fixed and mobile lighting products specifically for the mining industry. HELLA uses its research, engineering and logistic expertise to produce lighting products that are designed to world class standards that can be used in mining applications all over the world.

The research behind the product selection is based upon data collected from mining equipment in use in many different regions and applications. This data was utilised to set performance parameters as a baseline criteria for survival in a mining application. These parameters are used in testing our products in house before we can be confident to release them to mining field trials and later for general release to the mining industry. This process is vastly different to most of our competitors that will pass on products designed for other target segments and “offered for trial” to mining companies with little idea of the outcome.

The product sale is also very different to our competitors as only HELLA Mining offer mining companies a free of charge engineered application service. This service offers the end user information on the product, aiming angles and actual lighting performance prior to any purchase that includes safety as a key area of concern. This service highlights to the customer that HELLA Mining are the mining professionals for lighting and assists our customers with another value proposition to their mining purchase.

An area of concern to mining companies with global shareholders is safety and environment. Any negative concerns from ongoing environmental or safety issues can clearly affect the share price of these multinational firms and therefore there is a major focus on HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment). HELLA Mining has advanced lighting technology that meets the criteria for enhanced safety as vision plays a vital part in an environment that operates 24 hours a day and has large mobile machinery capable of destruction on a grand scale and a highly mobile road network.

HELLA Mining products meet the needs of mining companies around the world. The concept of “Technology with Vision” highlights the fact that we exceed our customer’s expectations by producing quality products that fulfill the requirements for the harshest industry on earth in an efficient, advanced and professional manner that offers real technology with vision.

HELLA Australia is equipped with highly advanced production and distribution facilities. HELLA Australia has full design and development facilities that include: NATA registered Photometric Laboratory, Chemical Analysis Laboratory Facilities, and some of the most advanced environmental and physical test simulation facilities available anywhere.

HELLA continues to develop, prove and market innovative products based on worldwide leadership in advanced lighting technology – to demonstrably improve end user profitability in mining applications. This is achieved through products that offer:

  • Greater safety
  • Lower operating cost
  • Greater productivity
  • Predictable service
  • Better value

 HELLA Mining products are backed by the renowned global HELLA quality guarantee, and service and distribution network.

Statement of Warranty
HELLA Mining products are covered by a one (1) year warranty which covers faults in material or workmanship only and provided that the product is used for its intended purpose except for globes, ballasts, fuses and sealed beams, which are on fitment. All HELLA Mining LED products are covered by a five (5) year warranty on light output, excluding environmental and physical damage.

Important Note
Only products specifically identified as ECE or SAE compliant are approved for use on public roads, when installed and operated as required by local regulation on approved vehicles. The responsibility for correct selection, fitment and operation to meet local regulations is that of the vehicle operator. Please ensure local regulations and requirements are met.

Project Argon: Charting the extremes:
Developing lighting equipment to go the distance in mines requires a deep understanding of their operating systems and specific environmental conditions.

At HELLA, we don’t guess, we measure.
HELLA Australia’s PROJECT ARGON collects and researches detailed data from a diverse range of mines and machines. A suite of robust sensors with integrated data loggers is mounted on mining plant and machines to record operating conditions. After the sensors are recovered from the machines, their data is downloaded for analysis and used as the basis of product design and test specifications able to match extreme mining environments.


The HELLA Centre of Excellence – Mining provides an Applications Engineering lighting design service for HELLA Mining customers. The aim of this unique service is to reduce risk to end users and OEMs of implementing an inappropriate lighting design, enabling all stakeholders to evaluate, comment and positively input into the design prior to implementation.

The HELLA team combines decades of lighting expertise across many countries and industries with the most sophisticated software. However, our most valuable asset is ongoing consultation combined with extensive practical on-site mining experience, enabling us to understand the unique visual and environmental requirements of the mining industry.

We are fully aware of the wide and sometimes conflicting range of operational requirements, covering the need for greater equipment, operator and maintenance personnel safety, lowered cost of ownership and maintenance, increased productivity requirements and the need for a predictable service life.

We use appropriate, proven technologies and methods to provide the mining operation with an engineering-based, application-focused, customised solution. The system design not only complies with the relevant occupational health and safety regulations, but also with real life maintenance and operational needs.

HELLA lighting designs typically include; aiming and orientation angles, number and type of luminaires, part numbers, spare parts, illumination level achieved and appropriate standards referenced. Our service extends to both fixed and mobile plant lighting designs. The final design is contained in a clear and concise document that can be presented to all relevant stakeholders, ready to be integrated into on-site maintenance documentation systems.

Our experience in Applications Engineering allows us to create lighting designs in a short time frame and with limited information.


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Going beyond CISPR15 and UNECE standards.

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