EuroLED Touch M

EuroLED Touch interior lamps are equipped with high-performance LEDs – a single white LED in the center of the lamp plus multiple red LEDs arranged in a circular pattern – and highly advanced lens optics providing a uniform light distribution without glare for optimum efficiency and increased safety.

Red Light and Night Vision

The human eye contains two types of receptors, rods and cones. Both have an increased sensitivity to frequency bands at different ends of the visual spectrum. Rods are largely responsible for our daytime and color vision and have an increased sensitivity towards the red band of the visual spectrum. In contrast cones are responsible for our night vision capability and have an increased sensitivity towards the blue, shorter wavelength band of the visual spectrum. For this reason red light helps to preserve our night vision as it will not affect the sensitivity of the cones.

EuroLED Touch M


  • Dual colour interior lamp
  • Power requirement: White max. 4 Watt, Red max. 1.5 Watt
  • Multivolt
  • Touch sensitive switching
  • Dimming function
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity
  • Transient spike circuit protection
  • RCM compliance and surface mount

with 2.5 m cable

2JA 959 950-211

with 0.5m cable and DT plug

2JA 959 950-221


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Going beyond CISPR15 and UNECE standards.

Lumen Measurement

A standard for testing the total luminous flux of LED fixtures...