Repulse LED Offroad Signal Lights are multivolt lights that use the latest LED technology, and have been engineered specifically for ultra heavy-duty applications on mining equipment and service vehicles.

Repulse LED Offroad Signal Lights


  • Multivolt
  • Power requirement: max. 11 Watt
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Thermal management
  • IP 6K9K / IP 6K7
  • ECE-R10 approved
  • 2-pole DT Connector and 150 mm cabling length
  • Mounting standing / hanging
  • ADR/GGVS approved
  • mounting standing / hanging

Repulse LED Offroad Signal Light

2ZR 012 456-431


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Going beyond CISPR15 and UNECE standards.

Lumen Measurement

A standard for testing the total luminous flux of LED fixtures...