Rotation Angle Sensors

Rotation Angle Sensors – single and double sensors

Rotation Angle Sensors


  • Precise angle measurement in various application areas under harsh environmental conditions
  • Insensitivity to magnetic fields and high temperature stability using CIPOS technology
  • Inductive measurement using non-contact, wear-free processes
  • Various installation positions possible using repetitive characteristics of the output signal curve

Customer Benefits


  • High accuracy throughout the entire design life due to internal 14-bit resolution
  • High thermal stability and linearity
  • High insensitivity to magnetic fields
  • Zero position can be individually programmed
  • Various connection elements available
  • Increased safety throughout the complete system thanks to redundant output signals (double sensors)
TECHNICAL DATA Single Sensors  
Mechanical angle range unlimited; 360° 
Supply voltage US 5 V ± 10%
Output signal 1 0.25 V to 4.75 V ratiometric
Output signal 2 PWM
Linearityerrorincludingtemperaturedrift ± 0.6°
PWM frequency 200 Hz
Housing type   A
Degreeofprotection IP 6K9K
Operating temperature -40 ºC to +125 ºC 

TECHNICAL DATA Double Sensors  

Mechanical angle range unlimited; 360°
Supplyvoltage 5 V ± 10% or
9 V to 32 V
Output signal, e.g. "crossed scale" 

Power supply
Us = 5 V
Power supply
Us = 9 V to 32 V

Uout1 0.5V - 4.5V ratiometric
Uout2 4.5V - 0.5V ratiometric
Uout1 0.5 V - 4.5 V
Uout2 4.5 V - 0.5 V 
Linearity error including temperature drift ± 0.3°
Housing type   B
Degreeofprotection IP 6K9K
Operating temperature -40 ºC to +85 ºC

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