Rain / Light Sensor

for vehicles with high-angled windshields

Rain / Light Sensor


  • Designed specifically for vehicles with steeply sloped windshields
  • Rain sensor
    Detects various rain situations and controls the windshield wipers
  • Light sensor
    Switches low beams on/off in various light conditions
  • Optimized design with extremely compact shape

Customer Benefits


  • Increases driving comfort and safety
  • Manual driver intervention in various rain and light conditions is almost unnecessary
  • Newest software algorithms (e.g. for detecting salt, streaks, dirt) allow the wiper system to perform the right action at all times
  • Application customizable for various types of windshields


Operating temperature
Storage temperature

-40 ºC to + 85 ºC
-40 ºC to + 100 ºC
Degree of protection IP 50
Operating voltage 9 – 16 V
Rated voltage
Over voltage

12 V

24 V
Rated current consumption  
Communication interface  LIN 2.1
Weight  ≤ 42 g
Windshield requirements 
Spectral range of operation  400 – 1,050 nm

Permittedwindshield transmission

 23 – 80%
at 800 – 1,100 nm)
Permitted glass thickness  6 – 8 mm
Permitted windshield angle  80°– 90°
Permitted radius in sensor range  R => 1,400 mm

Diameter of the print section

 40 +/- 0.2 mm


Rain / Light Sensor

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