Radio Control System

Radio Control System


  • Design specifically for use under harsh conditions
  • Convenient unlocking of the cab door
  • Can activate lamps (e.g. worklights or beacons) via additional control unit with up to four output signals
  • Activation/deactivation of  an electronic immobilizer via transponder
  • Activation of the direction indicator and release/lock covers with HELLA radio control system

Customer Benefits

  • Increase in comfort and convenience for the driver
  • Option to integrate additional functions
  • Option to locate the vehicle from a distance at any time by controlling lamps/headlamps
  • Option to customize the design (e.g. customer-specific emblems)
  • The radio transmitter – can be equipped with dummy plugs (without key bit) – used as a pure hand-held transmitter 
Key bit - joining force max. 350 N
Key bit - pull-out force > 180 N
Torque around the axle of the key shaft 3 Nm
Torque around the axle of the key width 4 Nm

Separating the housing parts, joining/
separating force

110 N (in new condition)
Casing cover PA66+PA6I/X-GF50 and TPU
Casing base PA6-GF30
Contact elements X10CrNi 18-8
Customer logo PU-Logo, customised
Key panel Hytrel black
Transmission frequency 434.42 MHz
Transmission power 30 µW ERP
Battery type1) CR2032
Battery lifetime

100,000 key activations
(corresponds to approx. 3 years)

Average²) 70.5 m
Max. range²) 119 m
Max. range²) 51 m
Operating temperature - 20°C to + 60°C
Storage temperature - 20°C to + 60°C
Protection level IP 6K7 and IP X5

1) A battery is included as part of the radio transmitter.
2) The ranges depend on the place of installation and the confounding variables.
Illustrated values are representative and must be validated for each new application.

2 radio transmitters and receiver basic version

on request

2 radio transmitters and receiver extended version

on request


Learn about this new HELLA Mining technology here.



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