PULS Oil Level Sensor

Second Generation PULS (Packed Ultrasonic Level Sensor) Oil Level Sensor; Recording the liquid level (static and dynamic)

PULS Oil Level Sensor


  • Continuous measurement of the engine oil level in the static (engine stopped) and dynamic range (engine running)
  • Compact sensor architecture with a multi-chip module
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Immediate measurement after switch-on
  • Principally, also suitable for hydraulic and transmission oils

Customer Benefits

  • Continuous monitoring of the oil level, which prevents engine damage due to breaking the oil film
  • Highly resistant to impact and vibrations thanks to compact multi-chip module

Operating voltage
(for oil level measurement)

 9 – 16 V

Operating voltage
(for temperature measurement)

 6 – 16 V
Reverse-polarity voltage - 14 V / 60 s

15 s at 28 V
250 ms at 32 V

Measurement range (static and

 18 – 118.8 mm
Operating temperature  - 40°C to + 160°C

Operating temperature
(for oil level measurement)1)

 - 10°C to + 150°C
Reheating temperature  

max. 5.700 h at 125°C
max. 240 h at 145°C
max. 60 h at 160°C

Storage temperature - 40°C to + 150°C
Current consumption 4 mA

Max. current consumption during

 50 mA
Protocol²)  PWM (open collector, lowside)
Mating connector³) Kostal no. 09 44 13 82
IP rating IP 6K9K, IP6K4
Weight 76 g ± 3 %
Applicability on fluids4)

Hydraulic, transmission, and engine

Viscosities 1 mm2/s to 1.300 mm2/s
Accuracy of temperature measurement
between 60°C and 120°C ± 2 K

At - 40°C up to 60°C
and 120°C to 160°C

± 3 K

Accuracy of level measurement

At -10°C to 30°C

± 4 mm
At 30°C to 150°C ± 2 mm


1) Level output above -10°C. At temperatures below -10°C, there is an idle signal
(18 mm) together with the diagnostic signal "outside the tolerance".
2) LIN available on request.
3) This accessory is not included.
Can be purchased from Kostal.
4) Other media on request. 

PULS Oil Level Sensor

6PR 010 497-501


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