Intelligent Battery Sensor

Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)


  • Accurate measurement of voltage, current, and temperature battery parameters
  • Determination of the state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), and state of function (SOF) battery condition parameters
  • For use in starter, gel and AGM batteries to monitor in-vehicle starter or consumer batteries.
  • Direct integration into the vehicle electric system via standardized LIN protocol
  • Key element of energy management

 Customer Benefits

  • Information indicator on energy balance allows you to plan your energy supply
  • Information on the battery condition reduces the likelihood of a vehicle breakdown
  • Dead batteries are the main cause of breakdowns. The battery sensor helps prevent this
Operating voltage 7,5 - 32V
Reverse-polarity voltage - 28 V / 60 s

Test voltage

27.8 – 28.2 V
Operating current1) ≤ 16 mA
Idle current1) ≤ 255 μA
Nominal resistance (shunt)  68 μΩ
Duration load current²)  ± 200 A
Maximum current²) 2,000 A
Operating temperature - 40°C to + 80°C
Reheating temperature + 105°C to + 120°C
Storage temperature - 20°C to + 50°C
Defined charge regulator 36 V / 120 min
Jump Start 48 V / 2 min
Load Dump 58 V / 500 ms
Protocol LIN 2.0 or higher
Protection class IP 6K7

Permissible pole terminal tightening

5 Nm +/- 1 Nm
Threaded bolt ground connection M8
Weight 119 g
Max. battery capacity³) 255 Ah
Mating connector4) 872-858-546


1) Condition: Ta ≤ 40°C; Ubq = 24 V; Ubrun = 28 V
2) Typical condition: Ta ≤ 80°C; Ub = 24 V
Typical ground cable: ≥ 70 mm2
Other configurations on request.
3) Extendable on request.
4) This accessory is not included.
It may be purchased from Hirschmann Automotive.

Intelligent Battery Sensor

6PK 011 700-001


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