K-LED Mining

Designed by HELLA, K-LED Mining's unsurpassed EMC footprint meets the highest EMC standard. Wherever beacons risk interference with radio communications, K-LED Mining is the solution of choice.

K-LED Mining


  • Multivolt
  • Rotating and Flashing
  • Light sensor for daylight detection
  • Power requirement: max. 30 Watt
  • Low profile beacon
  • Height only 87.6 mm
  • ECE-R10 approved
  • RCM compliance
  • Installation Ø 130 mm or Ø 150 mm (SAE)
  • SAE (SAE J845 class 1)
  • Impact resistant Polycarbonate lens
  • Weight fix: 0.90kg
  • Weight pole: 1,00kg
  • Weight magnet: 1.20kg
  • Rotating and Flashing:
    amber, blue and red ECE (ECE-R65 TA2, ECE-R65 TB2 and ECE-R65 TR1) compliant 

Amber, direct mount

2XD 011 557-001

Amber, magnetic mount

2XD 011 557-051

Amber, pole mount

2XD 011 557-041

Red, direct mount

2XD 011 557-021

Blue, direct mount

2XD 011 557-011

Green, direct mount

2XD 011 557-031


Learn about this new HELLA Mining technology here.



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