RetroVOX Broadband

Broad band or “white noise” reversing alarm for applications where normal reversing alarm sounds cause problems. Heavy-duty construction fits popular OEM dimensions. Solid-state fully sealed spark-free electronics (IP68) allows high pressure water cleaning. 200G shock resistant.

RetroVox Compact Broadband 87 – 112 dB Reversing Alarm


Noise pollution can be an issue for mine sites close to residential areas. HELLA has introduced a range of broadband or "white noise" reversing alarms to prevent miners from having to compromise on safety. By emitting sound over a large range of frequencies, the sound dissipates faster and is localised so that sound doesn´t carry. The RetroVOX features a rugged design, which is highly reliable and unaffected by continuous vibration, moisture, heat, cold, sun glare and dirt.

  • Voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Sound Level: 87-112dB
  • Approval rating: SAE J994 class A-D EC, E11

12 – 24 VDC, bare wire connection

3TA 910 174-241


Learn about this new HELLA Mining technology here.



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