Battery Master Lockout Switches

In addition to the existing red-handled switch, HELLA has now introduced a yellow-handled version for applications where differentation is required.

Battery Master Lockout Switches


Battery lockout switches provide a reliable power disconnection and safety cutoff that protects the vehicle against tampering, theft and battery drain. It also protects personnel from electrical hazards during service operations.

  • Composite-engineered polymer housing that will not corrode.
  • 300 A continuouscurrent rating at 12 V and 250 A at 24 V
  • Temperature operating range -40°C tom + 85°C
  • Divider on base prevents accidental shorting of battery cables
  • Easy to read designations on bezel and 90° switch travel make it easy to identify switch position



Lockout Switch, Red Handle

9MK 910 109-001*

Lockout Switch, Yellow Handle

9MK 910 109-011*

*Special order item.


Learn about this new HELLA Mining technology here.



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